Of the countless shop project nights around the world, attracting the usual suspects, males, to all manner of shops, for all manner of projects, this one has a website.


The Every Wednesday Night Project Night at the local group's shops involves a typical Alaskan diversity of people, projects and materials, that is if they show up, and remember to bring a project.

It happens in Fairbanks Alaska.


This website offers reports, or most of them, when somebody offers a report to the web slave.

Those who missed their own shop night, because they were not allowed to go play with the other kids that night, and want to see what happened, can just check this website, because all these shop project nights are pretty much the same, especially after this website says they are, and all the wives and girlfriends believe that, and check this website to see what their main squeeze actually did or did not do, and did not really tell all of what did not get done.






Sometimes the project night sorts talk about the pitiable chaps in government. Well, that is normal for project nights in shops around the world, especially in countries like the US where governments spy on their citizens, and fabricate more and more excuses to throw their citizens in prisons for the delight of malicious mental midgets in government.











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